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Hardwood Floor Installation Near Me Lexington, KY

A solid way to breathe new life into your home is to get high-quality hardwood flooring. If you’re looking for ‘hardwood floor installation near me,’ professional hardwood flooring installers, or topnotch hardwood floor companies, turn to Straight Line Flooring.

We are a team of professionals who can install, repair, and maintain hardwood flooring. Clients within a 40-mile radius from Lexington, KY can contact us to request a sample hardwood floor installation cost computation.

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Hardwood Flooring Installers

Typing ‘hardwood floor installation near me’ on Google will give you dozens of companies to choose from. With all the hardwood flooring installers available, how would residents know which one to trust?

“I want the best hardwood flooring installation near me!” If you’re thinking of installing, repairing, or maintaining the flooring of your home, turn to the best hardwood flooring installers in Kentucky: Straight Line Flooring.

We are a full-service team that provides various flooring solutions to residential clients in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas. What separates us from the rest is our unrivaled industry experience. In fact, throughout the years, our hardwood flooring installers have acquired various skills that help them provide outstanding flooring solutions.

First, our team will listen to your initial project plan. Afterward, we’ll present you with some options to make the flooring project even better. Generally, we propose different choices clients may not know about. Also, throughout the installation, our team will work closely with you to ensure the end result aligns with your needs. Lastly, we’ll clean up any debris and dust that may contaminate your home.

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Hardwood Floor Companies

What do hardwood floor companies do? Clients looking up ‘hardwood floor installation near me’ might be wondering what these contractors really offer.

Generally, most hardwood floor companies simply install residential flooring. On the other hand, Straight Line Flooring performs more than just simple hardwood floor installation. Here are some of the projects our hardwood floor installers do:

  • Hardwood Floor Installation: Throughout our years in business, we have performed multiple floor installation projects. Unlike other hardwood floor companies, we work together with our clients to determine what flooring solution would suit their home’s specific needs. Straight Line Arrow doesn’t just install new hardwood floor. In fact, we’re here to help you decide whether to go with engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, or vinyl planks, among other options.
  • Wood Floor Repair: Our inimitable attention to detail is what puts us a notch above other hardwood floor companies. When repairing wood floors, we closely observe the spacing between the planks and how they’re maintained. If done properly, your flooring would expand and contract at a much slower rate. That’s why it’s important to have topnotch hardwood floor companies repair and maintain your wood flooring every now and then.
  • Dustless Floor Sanding: One of the best things about wood flooring is the fact that you can make them as good as new with a sanding job. Sadly, performing floor sanding on your own often leads to a messy, dusty area. If you don’t want to be coughing every 10 minutes, let the professionals handle it. Straight Line Flooring’s sanding job specialists will leave your floor scrape- and dust-free.

If you’re looking for ‘hardwood floor installation near me,’ don’t settle for anything other than the best. Clients from Lexington, KY and surrounding areas should only trust the professionals who provide an array of wood flooring solutions.

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Hardwood Floor Installation Cost

So, how much does hardwood floor installation cost? Generally, the hardwood floor installation cost would depend on what service the client plans to get. Plus, a lot of other factors come into play such as the materials, labor, and of course, floor size.

If you’re looking for a hardwood floor installation cost computation, feel free to contact Straight Line Flooring. We’d be happy to give you a sample price quote. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t cost millions to make your home flooring more beautiful.

Plus, clients can pay the hardwood floor installation cost either by cash or check. We don’t want to limit our clients to a single payment option.

We serve clients in the following areas of Kentucky:

Are you ready to work with one of the best hardwood floor companies that serves clients from Lexington, KY and surrounding areas? Then get in touch with Straight Line Flooring today! You can call us at 859-447-9701.

For information on floor refinishing, please see our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me page.

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